What is the purpose of Portsmouth Crypto?

Portsmouth Crypto was born out of discussion and insight within the bitcoin community. Over the last couple of years, where services have been created, tested, abandoned or adopted, the quality of service provision for the bitcoin economy has professionalised dramatically. Whilst service provision has improved though it was widely recognised among many that for wider scale adoption of digital currency something more was needed.

After many discussions with various groups and individuals it became clear that for further adoption there has to be three things: An easy way to acquire it, an easy way to spend it and a motivating reason for doing so.

It was with these three factors in mind that Portsmouth Crypto was created. There was no way to address all these issues alone, it could only be done in partnership with others. It's simply too big a job, creating an entire parallel economy, even in a small geographic area, for any one person to do everything. So a partnership was created, with Heliopay, who would supply the POS devices for merchants and a bitcoin ATM. This sets the stage for being able to easily buy and use the currency. Further deals were made with Computer Junction, to provide a publicly accessible space for the ATM, with Bitstashers providing an attractive and safe cold storage method for people who have bitcoins, and our payment service providers, who power the devices that will help us bring bitcoin from the online world to the face to face stores of old. You remember them places, right?

There's still more work needed to provide motivating reasons for people to engage and learn, and an easy path to follow when learning how to use this technology so that's going to be the focus of our efforts as we move forward from here.

We've integrated a range of features into this website in the hope that it might provide a useful tool to those who have an interest in digital currency. We have a wallet, a paper wallet generator, the first of several easy guides with more bits and pieces in the pipeline including a relaunch of the cloud mining project.

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