CoinfestUK 2016

On April the 8/9th I attended the first UK based CoinFest event, held at Mad Lab in Manchester, and organised by Adam of CryptoBates Group.

I can't deny, having been asked to hold education workshops and knowing that there were going to be people at the event who know the crypto industry every bit as well as (and in many cases more than) me, I was somewhat nervous.

There was, however, no need for the nerves, the workshops went without a hitch and I was able to provide information which was relevent and useful to the attendees. I even managed to save one poor girl from an ongoing crypto based scam, which I wont name or link to for obvious reasons.

There was a great crowd and it was an incredible opportunity to meet people who are doing some fantastic work within the bitcoin community. Dan, from eMunie was there with details and information regarding their new platform which, if the talk is true, could be, in my humble opinion at least, one of the most exciting things to happen to the crypto industry to date.

Another notable stand was the Rokos multicoin nodes. There's something quite exciting about this project and, in conjunction with a couple of people I'm working with, we intend to make full use of their platform in the very near future.

There was also a stand to demonstrate games built to use the new Game Credits system, designed to make monetising and offering in app sales across multiple games a reality. It's this kind of thinking, which I think will help bring greater public acceptence in the future.

There were a number of great talks, including my favourite about the growth and adventures of Bitcoin Rat.

The sponsors went all out and provided swag bags full of goodies, there were gifts of pizza, drinks and other food stuffs, generously provided by the Bitcoin Manchester group as well, which went down extremely well after many hours of talking, demonstrating and meeting the attendees.

As for Manchester, what can I say? I've never visited the city before, but I was astonished at how lovely it was, from my initial walk to the hotel along the canal, to the way that the industrial revolution built factories and warehouses had been converted into modern facilities. The mixture of old and new was beautiful. The people were friendly, the atmosphere everywhere was brilliant and, yes, I know, I'm going to make myself sound a bit of a nerd now...I loved the tram network, though I'll never get used to watching people walking down the tracks.

I must take this opportunity to extend my thanks to Heliopay for supplying my table with loads of great Bitcoin swag, it really helped to make things pop out and draw people over.

Extra special thanks must also be extended to Jon and Mike of Artifax and BitStashers for sponsoring my trip, without their help I'd have never have been able to guarantee making it. I'm glad I had the opportunity to sing the praises for you guys to everyone that was there! If you're reading this now, take a moment to click their links and check out their projects, I promise, you won't be disapointed.