It's been a long time...

It's been quite a while since I've updated this blog. So much has been appening and as is often the case with blogs, when the rest of life gets crazy optional extras get overlooked. With that said, with the start of a new yerar what better time than to offer a catch up on the progress of Portsmouth Crypto, among other things.

The last blog was written just after CoinFestUk last year. Since then the value of Bitcoin has shot up, peaked, dropped back a little and still sits at a much higher price than it commanded when the last post was written in May last year. The industry has continued to grow, rapidly. The blocksize debate continues, though the democratic voluntary nature of Bitcoin is showing through as miners and node owners each choose their preferred option for scaling Bitcoin to meet the demands of a growing user base.

The Portsmouth Crypto platform has fallen behind somewhat. There's several small updates that need to be made to bring back and improve certain functions and I'm weeks away from incorporating not just an online store selling Bitcoin based merchandise, but a store for selling web hosting services as well, obviously all in exchange for Bitcoin. A exchange was added to the site some time back, powered by ShapeShift, one of the most reputable companies in our industry. It allows for visitors to exchange between any of a number of digital currencies straight from with in the Portsmouth Crypto website. Feel free to check it out!

Our Heliopay supplied two way Bitcoin ATM continues to see month on month increases in the number of customers and transactions as Bitcoins popularity spread. In the coming months expect to see more advertising to let more people know that it's there. Also a shout out here to my friends at Computer Junction who host our machine. They provide a great service for pretty much all your IT needs, so if you're ghaving computer issues give them a shout!

Each month now I get more calls from people who want to learn more about Bitcoin. Everyone from business owners to individuals to charities, talking of which, Aspex Art gallery in gunwarf Portsmouth recently updated their website to include the QR code for their own wallet, so it's possible to donate money to a very worthy charity in the form of Bitcoin too.

In other news, in June last year I was invited to join the team at BitStashers, a cryto start up who create BIP38 encrypted cold storage wallets for Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. I've taken on responsibility for advertising, marketing and opening up new opportunities for growth in the business. As well as multiple banner ad campaigns I've helped get their social media presense up, we're now sponsors of this years coming CoinFestUK, we've been reviewed and interviewed and we'll shorty be listing our products on one of the biggest name stores in our industry!

Oh yeah, we're also on Open bazaar as well. If you haven't checked out open bazaar yet, please do. It's a global decentralised market place, it's a world first and it's truely incredible. Cngratulations to the team behind it and thank to them for the ongoing effort to improve upon the platform.

Expect more information in the coming months. It's good to get back to updating things and although my workload is completely over the top these days I'm going to ensure I take more effort to keep you posted with the progress of Portsmouth Crypto, BitStashers and the general state of the Bitcoin industry and community.