What's been happening?

It seems that 2017 has been a remarkable year where things are growing faster than ever. More and more people are getting involved with crypto currency now.

When I started out in January 2015 maybe 5% of the people I spoke to had even heard of Bitcoin, fewer still owned any or had ever used it.

Fast forward to 2017 and I’d say around 50% of the people I meet have at least heard of it, if not used it. The growth has been amazing and as an established business in the industry Portsmouth Crypto is getting more attention than ever.

I’ve been travelling around the UK doing workshops & private consultations and I’ve been working with people who are running crypto currency conferences around the UK, including this year’s CoinFestUK back in April.

Here’s an observation that might help shed light on how much this has grown: Previously virtually everyone I met that had heard of or used Bitcoin were young men. That’s changed. At the recent talk I did at the Brighton Digital festival at least half the attendees (up to 60 people arrived for the talk!) were female. In fact the mix of people was like a proper cross section of society, with a huge range of age, life experiences and professions represented. It’s no longer the young male geeks club, this thing has grown and it’s getting bigger.

Back in April Mike left BitStashers, a business I’ve supported from the outset. It took months but myself and Jon have brought that business back from the brink. We’ve established a production process and supply chain, in the UK for the time being as well as designing, developing, producing and selling a whole new line, our wearable wallets! Yup, T-shirts which actually double up as a bitcoin wallet. We thought that the tag line “wear your wealth” was quite catchy so we’ve rolled with that.

As we move towards the end of 2017 we’ll be increasing the number of available products and looking at a serious expansion of the BitStashers brand in to other areas of Bitcoin and crypto storage, so stay tuned and follow our Facebook page!

There’s never been a better time to get involved with crypto, it’s easier than it was when I started this, and it’s more useful than ever. Plus, with an ever expanding user base and an ever decreasing number of bitcoin available on the open market it’s likely the value will continue to rise. In fact, I’ve put some aside for a few people, mostly family, as I’m convinced that in years to come what they have will change their lives! Check this blog in about 5 years. Today the value of bitcoin sits at £3500 (at the time of writing). I suspect that in 5 years this will seem like a trivial valuation of this remarkable currency. This time last year it was about £600 and I’d have never expected it to fly like it did this year.