Bringing Bitcoin to the real world (part 1)

Over the last year services in the Bitcoin industry have become far more professional. From enthusiastic amateurs to professional business people, the landscape is evolving rapidly.

Now that the backbone is in place for a much higher quality standard of service, it's time to start bringing real world infrastructure in to play, so that more markets and more opportunities to use Bitcoin are created at a faster pace.

Working with our friends at Heliopay ltd, in the very near future we'll be bringing the first Bitcoin ATM, or, as we've come to refer to it, a Digital Vending Machine, to Portsmouth, Hampshire and we're now engaging with merchants city wide to open up as many new ways to use Bitcoin as possible.

That's what this industry needs now, so if you happen to be visiting this blog from another area and want to know how you can get involved, with a full support network to help you achieve your objectives then click contact up the top and get in touch, or use the chat bar at the bottom of the page.

If you are in the Portsmouth area, in the next four weeks you'll start to see an increasing number of merchants accepting bitcoin. If you know a merchant who is interested in opening up new revenue streams, put them in touch.

What's happening now is akin to the way that the credit/debit card payment networks were rolled out in the 70s. People first questioned why, but once the ability to get on and use cards became common place people found their own reasons. Once the infrastructure is in place, we'll move our focus to motivation.

Look out for the next post, which will contain some exciting details about our upcoming Bitcoin ATM launch.