Bringing Bitcoin to the real world (part 2)

Yep, it's really here!

It's taken a few months to get to this point, but I can finally announce the arrival of the first Bitcoin ATM in Hampshire!

Friday, 13th November 2015 marks our official launch day, so come on down and join us for where we will be giving away etched metal wallets, bitcoin branded t-shirts and, rather unsurprisingly, some free bitcoin!

Working with Heliopay, who provide hardware, and Computer Junction in Elm Grove, Southsea, who provided the ideal location for the machine, with Portsmouth Crypto providing ongoing local support the residents of Portsmouth and the surrounding area now have a quick easy and conveniant way to buy Bitcoins.

But that's not all!

Oh no!

There's more...

Over the coming weeks Portsmouth Crypto will be signing up local traders to be able to accept Bitcoin payments in store, using Heliopay provided equipment.

In the months to come Portsmouth and the surrounding area will become one of the best connected places in the UK for people who want to use digital currency.

That's for another day though. Today, it's all about the Bitcoin ATM, or, as we've come to think of it, a Digital Vending Machine. If you've ever wondered how bitcoin works, or been unsure how to go about acquiring some, to store, spend, send or experiment with, you can now do so quickly and easily.

If you've never used a Blockchain based Digital Currency before, try this guide first to familiarise yourself with how it works, or come down to Computer Junction and try the ATM, where you'll recieve any help or guidence you require.

If you run a business in the Portsmouth and Hampshire area and want to learn how to make Bitcoin work for you, get in touch here.

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